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Apple Picking in Canada

Apple picking in Canada can be enjoyed from the quaintness of Prince Edward Island to the lush valleys of British Columbia. Canadian apple picking offers you the opportunity to sample the wide variety of apples available in Canada. We've offered you some apple picking tips and storage practices to ensure that your visit to u-pick apple farms is a success. Visiting an orchard to pick your own apples is an ideal family outing that you'll want to experience year after year.

History of Apples in Canada

Apples are native to the Middle East and originated about 4,000 years ago. Apples were a favourite fruit amongst ancient Grecians and Romans. They were brought to England around 1065 during the Norman Conquest. As English citizens made their way to the New World they brought the apple along with them. In Canada, it was during the French immigration into New France (Quebec) that the apple made its Canadian debut. In 1796, John McIntosh of Ontario discovered a variety of apple that is known throughout the world...the McIntosh apple.

Canadian Apple Picking Tips
  • The best tasting apples should be firm and free of bruising.
  • Ask the farmer at the u-pick apple farms that you frequent for apple picking tips on the specific varieties they grow.
  • The apples on the outer edges of the tree ripen first. If it's early in the season, pick your own apples from the outlying branches first. As the season progresses you should pick from the inner branches.
  • Don't yank the apples from the tree. Lift the apple upwards and give a sharp twist. This will keep other apples from falling from the tree.
  • Place the apples carefully into your basket to prevent bruising.
  • If you're taking children on your outing, choose u-pick apple farms that have dwarf trees for easy pickings.
Apple Storage
  • Refrain from washing the apples until you are ready to use them. The moisture accelerates spoiling.
  • When you pick your own apples in bulk, you'll want to store them in a cool basement or fruit cellar. A cool, humid atmosphere is best; however, the apples should be free of moisture.
  • Be sure that the apples don't freeze as it destroys the collagen and you'll be left with a mushy mess.
  • Don't store apples next to potatoes. As potatoes age they release a compound that accelerates apple spoilage.
U-Pick Apple Farms in Canada

Foote Family Farm in Woodville Kings County, Nova Scotia has traditional apple trees as well as dwarf trees for apple picking in Canada. It has a 19th century farmhouse and outbuildings, farm animals, and a picnic area in a cherry orchard. You have the option of Canadian cherry picking, plums, pears, and berry picking in Canada. Fresh honey is available from their beekeeping operation.

Elderkin's Farm Market and U-Pick is located in Greenwich, Nova Scotia and offers pick your own apples, strawberries, pears, and pumpkins. Take a blossom tour, a wagon ride, or drop a line in the fish pond and land a trout if you enjoy fishing in Canada.

Arlington Orchards in Arlington, Prince Edward Island has three u-pick apple farms with the other locations in Carleton and Miscouche. Face painting and tractor-pulled hayrides will put a smile on the children's faces as you fill your basket with apples, plums, and pears.

Albion Orchards in Caledon East, Ontario is one of Canada's family-owned and operated u-pick apple farms. Over 18 varieties of apples are grown in addition to 3 varieties of pears.

Algoma Orchards in Whitby, Ontario offers apple picking in Canada in addition to their Algoma Apple Market's Bakery. A hard day of apple picking can be topped off with fresh-baked apple pie and ice cream to replenish your energy.

Applewood Farm and Winery in Stouffville, Ontario provides pick your own apples and strawberries. The winery is open from April to December where you can pick up delicious fruit wines. A playground, wagon rides, and hiking trails through the forest will keep the kids entertained.

Ferme Hillspring Farm in Franklin Centre, Quebec is a family-operated apple orchard with a panoramic view. A picnic area is available to sample maple and honey products, apple donuts, pies, and preserves.

Pork Palace Orchard and Winery in Brosseau is one of Alberta's u-pick apple farms that are certified organic.

Roseridge Orchards in Kelowna, British Columbia offers Canadian apple picking from July to November. They grow 15 varieties of apples as well as peach picking in Canada. Plums, pears, apricots, cherries, watermelon, and walnuts round out the fruit menu at this u-pick apple farm.

Appleflats Farm and Orchard Inc. is one of British Columbia's organic u-pick apple farms located in Lake Country, BC. Pony rides and miniature mules are available to amuse the kids while adults can enjoy fresh apple cider or hard cider.
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