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Bear Watching in Canada

Canadian bear watching is a wonderful experience as you see these magnificent creatures forage for food. Bear watching in Canada includes black bear watching throughout the country, grizzly bear watching in the western mountain ranges, and polar bear watching in Canada's Artic regions. If you want a spectacular viewing adventure, take a polar bear cruise along the magnificent northern coast of Labrador.

Brief Overview of Bears in Canada

The bear is the largest carnivore (meat eater) in Canada. They are classified as omnivores as their diet consists of meat and plants. There are three species for Canadian bear watching:
  • The Black bear which can be found in forest regions throughout Canada.
  • The Grizzly bear was once found throughout western Canada; however, encroachment by humans has pushed them into the mountain regions of British Columbia, Yukon Territory, and Alberta.
  • Polar bears patrol the northern Artic regions of Canada from Labrador in the east through to the Yukon in the west.
Black Bear Watching in Canada

Cedars Inn on the west coast of Vancouver Island is an ideal location for Canadian bear watching. Located on the banks of the Zeballos River, you can enjoy black bear watching from the comfort of the inn's viewing deck as they catch a meal of spawning salmon. And hey, if you're into salmon fishing in Canada, this is a great place for Canadian fly fishing as well.

At Cedars Inn it's not just about black bear watching, there are plenty of other activities to enjoy such as Canadian kayaking adventure tours, hiking the ancient rainforests, and pitching a tent to enjoy camping in Canada. Learn about aboriginal culture or spend an afternoon watching the sea otters frolicking in the water while eagles and hawks circle high overhead. Speaking of soaring eagles, if bird watching in Canada is your thing then you'll be in an ideal spot for cormorants, mallards, and the Great Blue Heron as well as various other native Canadian bird species.

Soaring mountain vistas, spectacular ocean views, and plenty of wildlife, all from the comfort of Cedars Inn viewing'll feel the stress of the "daily grind" just melt away!

Grizzly Bear Watching in Canada

Aboriginal Journeys is a First Nations family-owned adventure tour company located on the famed Campbell River in Vancouver Island, British Columbia. You'll get first-hand knowledge about the culture of the Laichwiltach people in their traditional lands as you enjoy bear watching in Canada. Grizzly bear watching, soaring eagles, playful dolphins, and Canadian whale watching are just some of the activities you'll enjoy from their comfortable tour boats.

Eco-Tours BC is located in the Cariboo Mountains of British Columbia right in the heart of the "Great Bear Rainforest". Surrounded by four Provincial Parks and with the Quesnel River flowing into Quesnel Lake, it is an ideal location for grizzly bear watching in Canada. The Cariboo Mountains provide a fascinating background to rare, lush Canadian rainforest and abundant wildlife.

Gary Zorn is the Caribou Mountains "bear whisperer" having studied the grizzly bear for most of his life. You'll not only get an opportunity for grizzly bear watching, you'll learn about their history, their habits, and their nature from a knowledgeable guide. Where else can you experience ancient glaciers, soaring mountains, lush rainforests, soaring eagles, alpine wildflowers, and the deepest fjord lake in the world in one vacation? If getting back to nature is your holiday goal, then Eco Tours BC delivers.

Polar Bear Watching in Canada

Global warming is shrinking the polar bears natural habitat, so now is the time to get up close and personal with these magnificent predators. Canada Polar Bears operates out of Churchill, Manitoba and offers various packages for polar bear watching. Hop in their Tundra buggies for a close up view of polar bears in their natural habitat. Imagine the look on the faces of your family and friends as you show them photographs of these spectacular creatures from only a few metres away...all from the safety of specially designed vehicles.

In Churchill you can visit the Parks Canada museum and learn about the early days of this northern settlement. The Eskimo Museum is world-renowned for its ancient Inuit artifacts as well as contemporary Native artwork. The trip wouldn't be complete if you didn’t take a Canadian dog sledding excursion while visiting this northern wonderland.

Polar Bear Cruise

For something a little different you can book a polar bear cruise with Wildland Tours and explore Labrador's northern coast. You'll experience spectacular scenery along this rugged coastline where Vikings set up camp some 4,500 years ago. You'll hop aboard the expedition ship "Wanderbird" in Nain, Labrador and embark on a 14-day adventure of a lifetime.

You'll enjoy polar bear watching from the comfort of a converted fishing vessel. Six cabins, a library, and a dining room overflowing with traditional Labrador flavour is the perfect setting for exploring this spectacular coastline. Whale watching, bird watching, and a visit to Torngat National Park are some of the highlights of this polar bear cruise. Torngat is Canada's newest National Park located in the Inuit Territory of Nunatsiavut.
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