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Canadian Fishing Associations and Foundations

Canadians are known to be outdoor lovers. An estimated 8 million Canadians take part in various outdoor recreation activities such as fishing, hunting, and trapping, among others. These outdoor activities are known to produce thousands of jobs in the country while generating billions to the economy. Most of those in the rural areas of Canada benefit from these outdoor activities, as the jobs generated by these outdoor activities provide income opportunities to them.

One of the more popular forms of outdoor activities in Canada is fishing. Fishing allows Canadians to better appreciate their environment. It also serves as a popular recreational activity to most Canadians.

Due to widespread fishing in Canada, there have been many Canadian Fishing associations and foundations that have emerged. These groups advocate many concerns such as protection of the environment and the security and safety of fishing enthusiasts. These groups also educate the public on the importance of protecting the environment and the wildlife, and how various threats such as pollution can cause damage to the Canadian wildlife. These groups also work with various government agencies regarding issues affecting the Canadian wildlife.

One of these fishing groups is the Alberta Fish and Game Association. This group is volunteer-based advocating the various common welfare issues of ethical hunters and outdoor enthusiasts in the country. The AFGA has earned recognition from the government as the voice of organized hunters who advocate the conservation of wildlife and fishes.

It is one of the oldest fishing and hunting groups in Canada, having been active as early as the 1900s. It was only in 1946, however, when the group was officially registered as a fishing and hunting association under the restrictions set by the Alberta Societies Act.

AFGA counts more than 16,000 members coming from more than 100 fishing and game clubs across the country. The members of AFGA are diversified. Some are as young as 12 years old while the elderly are mostly in their 60s. The policies and directions of the group are set by a volunteer executive committee composed of 15 members and governed by a senior executive group composed of 5 members.

AFGA aims to help in the conservation of the natural resources of Canada while fostering and promoting the not-for-profit harvest of fishes as a vital part in promoting and managing the overall well being of the wildlife.

Another of the high-profile fishing associations in Canada is the Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association or CSIA. It was established to make sure that the recreational fishing sector in Canada remains stable and vibrant. CSIA counts a large network of members including outdoor media firms, independent retailers, and distributors. It also has substantial support from hunting groups and outdoor associations in the country.

CSIA is associated with the Canadian National Sportfishing Foundation. Together, the two groups back various recreational fishing activities, conservation programs and education projects.

CSIA works with various sectors to make sure that it fulfills its mandate well. It links with politicians and fisheries executives in guaranteeing that the sport fish sector gets the right level of funding. CSIA also works hard in ensuring that Canadians get the right access to various species of fishes, particularly on areas where large population of fishes exist.

CSIA is also supportive of other agencies that advocate the preservation of the Canadian wildlife such as The Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, The Network of Canadian Wildlife Federation Affiliates, and The Sport Fishing Institute of B.C.

The Yukon Fish and Game Association is another of the more respected fishing associations in Canada. This group aims for better management of the wildlife through improvement of the wildlife and promotion of sportsmanship.

The group also aims to ensure the efficient management of fishes and the wildlife in Yukon. This is achieved by making Yukon residents aware of the various benefits of fishes and the wildlife, and informing them of the dangers of various types of pollution. By emphasizing the dangers of pollution to the Yukon wildlife, the group also taps the support of the locales.

The Yukon Fish and Game Association also aims to promote the values of sportsmanship and safety for those who love fishing and hunting. Some of the activities that the group conducts are outdoor camps for the youth, participation in trade fairs, a turn-in-poachers initiative, an enhancement program for Wolf Creek Salmon, and establishing relationships with government agencies and other non-government groups regarding various wildlife and environment concerns.
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