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Cottage Rentals in Canada

Canadian cottage rentals are known worldwide for their pristine lakes, wide open spaces, and expansive wilderness areas. It combines to make the perfect setting for vacation homes, vacation rentals, vacation resorts, and cottage rentals in Canada. If you’re renting a cottage for your next holiday, it doesn't get any better than Canada.

A more refined form of camping, in the mold of wealthy having second homes. A home away from home. With so much open wilderness and freshwater lakes and rivers that there are thousands of cottages for rent. Some are individual rentals while others are in a cottage "campground" type location.

Tips for Renting a Cottage in Canada

1) Determine your vacation goals then book your cottage

The time of year you will be renting a cottage in Canada can be a determining factor in your destination. If you are looking for vacation rentals in the heart of summer like July and August, you may find crowded waterfronts. For some families this is an ideal situation as they and their children will meet many new friends. If you want the tranquility and seclusion that cottage rentals in Canada can provide, you may want to schedule your holiday in early or late summer.

2) Make a list of the Canadian summer activities that you and your family want to enjoy and search for cottages that fit your preferences.

Typical activities at cottage rentals in Canada include: 3) When you have your vacation time and activities mapped out – Book Your Canadian Cottage Rentals Early!

Don't put off securing the cottage of your choice. Cottages rentals in Canada go quickly and the later you leave it, the more likely you are going to have to "settle" for a less than optimal cottage. Some people book their cottages up to a year in advance and vacation at the same location every year.

Types of Canadian Cottage Rentals
  • Canadian hunting camps and fishing lodges offer the outdoors person the perfect environment for enjoying their passion. Popular Canadian fish species include walleye and pickerel fishing, lake trout, northern pike, and bass fishing in Canada. Hunting in Canada includes deer, moose, bear, Canadian caribou hunting, and elk.
  • Vacation Resorts and Vacation Rentals include luxury cottages in the Canadian wilderness or in more populated locales. Many vacation resorts cater to specific summer and winter activities in Canada. From ski chalets and winter vacation resorts that offer Canadian skiing packages, snowmobiling, Canadian ice fishing, and dog sledding in Canada to summer vacation rentals that provide all that the season offers enjoyed in the lap of luxury.
  • Private Vacation Homes are listed in rental magazines and online Cottage Rental Management Services. In many cases, private vacation rentals are listed with rental management brokers who manage the legal aspects of leasing the cottage. Be sure to search for a reputable cottage rental broker when leasing private vacation homes.
  • Canadian Cottage Rental Camps are a group of cottages or cabins normally situated on the waterfront; however, wilderness cottage camps are also available. These are ideal for families as the grounds are normally closed off and children can run and play on a couple of acres of land. You’ll meet other families and your children will make new friends. Swimming, fishing, waterskiing, boating, and relaxing campfires are the main activities at these cottage rentals in Canada.
Popular Cottage Rentals in Canada

British Columbia is the land of opportunity when it comes to cottage rentals in Canada. The Pacific Ocean, the coastal mountains, the ancient rainforest, the Gulf Islands, the Okanagan Valley, and the Canadian Rockies all combine to make B.C. a favoured vacation homes destination.

When you think of Alberta you think of the Rocky Mountains and Banff, Jasper, Waterton Lakes, and Lake Louise National Parks. And these are absolutely spectacular spots for cottage rentals in Canada. There are multitude of activities to participate in and many areas to explore. But don't forget about the foothills and its abundance of wildlife as well as the Bow River snaking its way towards Calgary. There are excellent vacation rentals throughout Alberta so be sure to do your homework. Edmonton and northern Alberta offer excellent hunting and fishing locations on pristine lakes and rivers.

Vacation resorts and lodges in Saskatchewan and Manitoba are a hunter and fisherman's delight. An abundance of wild game roam the landscape and monster fish patrol the waters. The waters can be a bit chilly but there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy hiking, canoeing, kayaking, boating, and backpacking in Canada.

Cottage country in Ontario includes the Muskoka region, the Haliburton Highlands, and the Kawartha Lakes region. Canadian cottage rentals are available from private luxury vacation homes to a cabin by the lake, from all-inclusive luxury vacation resorts to rustic hunting and fishing lodges.
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