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Driving Range

A driving range is a place where people can go for golf practice or just for fun. You can find a driving range near or attached to almost any golf course. There are also driving ranges that are on their own, often in multi-sports facilities along with batting cages and mini-golf facilities. Often the stand alone driving ranges are found in urban areas where there is no room for a full golf course.

Some people go to the driving range for golf practice. There are often professional instructors at the driving range to offer tips or formal golf swing training. Golf swing training will teach you to master your swing in order to hit long, straight balls down the fairway, and there is no better place for this kind of golf practice than at the driving range. This is true because while you are getting your golf swing training you will be learning new and different ways to swing your club and to move your body. During golf swing training, until you have mastered your swing, who knows where your ball will end up. The driving range is the safest place for this kind of golf practice.

Some people go to the driving range not for golf practice or golf swing training, but for fun or for exercise. They are given a bucket of golf balls and they hit the balls toward pins that are placed at a particular distance, or sometimes just into a field with distance markers so that you can see how far you have hit the ball. Golfing is a wonderful full body exercise, if you don’t rent a cart, because the swinging of the club offers an extensive upper body workout and the walking takes care of the lower body as well as your cardio workout.

While you wouldn’t think that golf practice in urban areas of Canada would be possible, you would be quite wrong. You can get in your golf practice, your golf swing training, or even full-fledged golf lessons at some urban golfing centers, which are actually indoor driving ranges. There are also some outdoor driving ranges with golf instructions in the urban areas of Canada, too.

Often an indoor driving range will be a simulated golf practice driving range, where you hit the ball into a cloth wall and an electronic radar will tell you at what distance you hit the ball based on the speed and velocity of the hit. These facilities are very popular for business men and women who want to get in some golf practice at lunchtime. They can even schedule some lunch hour golf instructions with the pros that are employed at the indoor driving range.

If you want golf lessons in Canada there is certainly no shortage of golf courses and driving ranges that offer golf instruction in both urban and suburban areas. Some offer private golf instruction while others offer group golf lessons, and some offer both. You can choose from an indoor driving range for your golf lessons and golf practice, or an outdoor driving range for your golf swing training and other golf instructions. Some of the facilities are for members only and others are for the general public.

Golfing in Canada has never been more popular and more and more Canadians are taking advantage of the golf lessons that are offered at every golf course and driving range. Even some mini-golf practice centers offer golf instruction on putting and golf swing training. Often you will find a driving range and a mini-golf center in one for a full range of golf instructions.

The prices range for golf lessons in Canada. They will depend on which course or driving range you choose for your golf lessons. Typically golf instruction is less expensive at a driving range or mini-golf practice center than at an 18 hole golf course, but some would say that the golf lessons are more focused and intense at a driving range than at a golf course because there aren’t as many distractions.

If you are in Canada and would like some golf instructions for yourself, look online for golf lessons near you. Whether you are in an urban or suburban area, or a remote area of the Canadian Rockies, you will find a place that offers a full range of golf lessons including golf swing training, putting golf instructions and golf practice facilities for between your golf instruction times.
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