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Fall Activities in Canada

My favourite time of the year is autumn. The changing of the leaves display an array of spectacular colours and the heat of summer has slowly drifted away. It's time to participate in Canadian fall activities in the cool crisp air of autumn. Fall activities in Canada include wrapping up the Canadian golfing season and getting in the last few rounds as well as other recreation.

Fall Fishing

Fishing in Canada isn't only a spring activity or summer activity it extends into the autumn as long as the weather holds. Fall fishing is one of the few water activities in Canada that you can still participate in as the temperature drops. Early autumn is your last chance to get on a Canadian fly-in fishing trip as the snow flies early in the northern region. Canadian fishing charters do a brisk business as anglers get their last trip of the year in and do some salmon fishing in Canada.

It's a tranquil setting for Canadian fly-fishing with the wilderness and its inhabitants getting ready for their winter slumber. This is your last chance for trout fishing in Canada as the seasons change and the temperature drops. Other fish species in Canada available for fall fishing include: Your monster catch can be taken to the local taxidermy for mounting. A catch like that deserves to be hung on the basement wall. If spear fishing or bowfishing are your fishing equipment, be sure of the regulations in your area. In some areas it is against the law completely and in others only certain species may be hunted.

In the air

It's nice to view the landscape from the air as the leaves change colour. Flying in Canada, especially in the northern regions or over the mountains in the west, provide a bird's eye view of the changing landscape. Hot air ballooning provides you with a panoramic view of the landscape at a much slower pace. Be sure to take your camera.

For the adventure loving individual, skydiving in Canada during the fall season is an exhilarating rush. Canadian fall activities for the thrill seeker also include bungee jumping in Canada. The kaleidoscope of colour from the changing leaves rush right at's an awesome spectacle.

Fall Hunting

Autumn is the season for fall hunting and for avid sportsmen is one of the most popular fall activities in Canada. Canadian hunting outfitters begin to gear up in late summer and early fall for the influx of sportsmen. Hunting associations update their members on any new hunting regulations.

Canada is well-known for its abundance of wildlife. Hunting in Canada is passed from generation to generation as a favourite Canadian fall activity and safety is a well learned lesson. Some of the best caribou hunting in Canada occurs in the barren plains of northern Quebec and Newfoundland and Labrador. Canadian moose hunting and deer hunting in Canada are popular for fall hunting throughout Canada. You don't even have to travel far to bag a trophy although a trip to the northern wilderness is highly recommended.

Fall hunting for migratory birds is widespread throughout the country. Saskatchewan is well-known for its duck and goose hunting as well as other waterfowl. The Pacific and Atlantic coasts are also ideal for migratory bird hunting as well as spectacular scenery. Bear hunting in Canada includes both the black bear and the trophy grizzly. The black bear is found throughout Canada and the grizzly prowls the Rockies and other mountain ranges of the west. Canadian elk hunting is popular in the western mountain ranges as well.

Fall Nature tours

Fall nature tours are popular family activities in Canada. If you don't mind the cool weather then backcountry camping and wilderness camping are two Canadian fall activities you may enjoy. If that seems a little extreme for your family then take all the comforts of home with you by RVing in Canada. Hit the open road and enjoy the fall colours and avoid the crowds. Camping in Canada is a national pastime and you get to enjoy fall nature tours while you're at it.

Sightseeing tours include cycling through wine country, grizzly bear watching as they prepare for winter, and whale watching in Canada. You can enjoy these activities from the many inexpensive vacation homes that you can now rent as summer is over. For those that like to do their mountain climbing while the weather is cooler, autumn is the perfect time of year. Remember that snow squalls can happen at any time so be prepared.

Setting out on the hiking trails for fall nature tours is an ideal way to get "up close and personal" with the wildlife. Horseback riding, trail running, backpacking, and mountain biking are some of the Canadian fall activities you can enjoy in the wilderness.
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