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Fly-in Fishing in Canada

Canadian fly-in fishing trips are experience by few anglers but enjoyed by all who embark on an adventure to the backcountry where the views are spectacular and the fish are plentiful. There are fly-in fishing destinations across the country that will test your angling skills in remote, pristine lakes and rivers. Fly-in fishing in Canada offers salmon fishing on both coasts and a multitude of species throughout the northern wilderness of Central Canada and Alberta.

Popularity of Sport Fishing in Canada

There were 3.674 million active fishermen in Canada according to a survey conducted in 2000. Of that number, 2.9 million anglers were from Canada and 774,000 were non-residents mainly from the United States. These anglers hauled in approximately 230 million fish, keeping 85 million and releasing the rest.

Of the fish species in Canada that were kept: Canada's fishing conservation programs will ensure there is quality fishing throughout the country for years to come. The popularity of fly-in fishing in Canada is also on the rise as the opportunity to fish remote, pristine lakes and rivers is irresistible to avid anglers.

Canadian Fly-in Fishing Destinations

Cast your line out into pristine lakes and rivers where few fishermen have had the opportunity to participate in fly-in fishing in Canada. Canadian fly-in fishing destinations stretch from coast-to-coast and offer a wide range of species depending on your preference.

Western Canada Fly-in Fishing Destinations
  • A popular destination for fly-in fishing in Canada is the north shores of the Queen Charlotte Islands off the west coast of British Columbia. Langara Island is one of the finest salt-water, fly-in fishing destinations in Canada for Pacific salmon. Charter flights from Moresby Island will take you to your fishing lodge on this sparsely populated island.
  • Port Louis offers salmon and halibut fishing as well as easy access to offshore tuna fishing. The population of the island consists of remote fly-in fishing lodges and fisherman. There are no settlements on the island, so you'll enjoy complete solitude at these fly-in fishing camps.
  • Dolphins North Resort on the North Coast is a floating fishing camp in the feeding grounds of Chinook and Coho salmon. Fly-in fishing camps are available from their floating lodge. Salmon in the 30 – 50 lb. range are commonly taken as well as monster halibut.
  • Northern Alberta fly-in fishing destinations are second to none. Lakes located in true backcountry wilderness are only accessible by air and offer a wide assortment of game fish. Some fly-in fishing lodges have been in use since the 1800's when the Canadian Pacific Railway was being built.
  • Andrew Lake Lodge and Camps is located in the northeast of Alberta and is accessible by plane from Fort McMurray. Designated as a "trophy lake" in Alberta you’ll find some of the best Northern Pike, Lake Trout, and Walleye fly-in fishing in Canada. There's no risk of darkness cutting your fishing excursions short as the sun doesn't set until midnight in the summer.
  • Angler Rapids Wilderness Lodge in northern Saskatchewan is located along the Churchill River system accessible only by floatplane. An excellent Canadian fly-in fishing destination where you'll battle monster Northern Pike, world-class Walleye, and Lake Trout. It's one of Saskatchewan's premier fly-in fishing lodges.
Central Canada Fly-in Fishing Destinations
  • Northern Manitoba offers many fly-in fishing camps along the Nelson, Churchill, and Seal Rivers. Artic Grayling, Northern Pike, Lake Trout, and Walleye are your target as you set out from the remote fly-in fishing camps.
  • Pine Point Lodge is located on picturesque Lake Athapapuskow, world renowned for its trophy Lake Trout, massive Northern Pike, walleye, perch, and whitefish. The lake was carved out of the landscape by retreating glaciers with depths reaching 200 feet and hundreds of miles of shoreline that offer perfect fish habitats.
  • Nestor Falls Fly-in Fishing Outposts offers 12 fly-in fishing destinations in Northwestern Ontario where you can reel in Northern Pike, Walleye, Lake Trout, Muskellunge (Muskie), and Smallmouth Bass. All of their fly-in fishing camps are located on remote lakes accessible by their own fleet of aircraft. The fly-in fishing lodges are also available for hunting in Canada.
  • Rapid Lake Lodge is located in the Ungava Bay region of Northern Quebec. Arguably considered to be the "Arctic Char capital of Canada", fish in the 6 -10 lb range are plentiful in these waters.
Eastern Canada Fly-in Fishing Destinations
  • Grey River Lodge provides fly-in fishing lodges on the Grey River system and the famed Humber River in western Newfoundland. Try your hand at fly fishing in Canada as you target Atlantic salmon and Brook Trout.
  • Wilson's Sporting Camps are located along the famed Miramichi River in New Brunswick. The Miramichi is world renowned for being the "the mother of all salmon rivers" and Wilson's offers sixteen fly-in fishing camps on the river that are teeming with monster Atlantic salmon.
Canadian fly-in fishing destinations offer some of the best fishing the world has to offer. The untouched wilderness of Canada's north is the perfect setting for the many fly-in fishing lodges and fly-in fishing camps located throughout the country. Fly-in fishing in Canada has something for every angler and offers a wide variety of species to keep you casting. Enjoy!
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