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Miniature Golf in Canada

Miniature golf also known as minigolf a.k.a. mini-putt a.k.a. about two dozen other names around the world, is a miniature version of golf that usually focuses on the skill of putting and not on the skill of the golf swing or driving. A minigolf course will look much like the greens on the golf course, except that it will be shaped differently and will be much more challenging. Mini-putt is a family favorite and is often used more as a form of family entertainment rather than golf practice, although many golfers use the family fun excuse to get in some putting practice at the minigolf course.

There are hundreds of minigolf courses in Canada, from one end of the country to the other. These minigolf a.k.a. mini-putt courses can be found in the heart of urban areas of Canada or in the most remote of areas. Minigolf is often found near 18 hole golf courses and resorts, and they are usually busy with practicing golfers (sans families). Mini-putt can also be found at family fun places like parks and amusement parks, as well as at many upscale hotels. You can even find minigolf courses at indoor sports facilities, although usually not as elaborate in design as the outdoor sort.

The first minigolf course was built in St. Andrews, Scotland in 1867 for women who wanted to play the sport of golf but at the time it was considered to be unacceptable for ladies to swing a golf club as violently as is needed for regular golf. In response to the women’s desire to be involved in the sport, the Ladies’ Putting Club was formed. Minigolf eventually made it over to Canada with the Scottish immigrants in the late 1800’s, although it is not known when the first minigolf course was actually built in Canada.

Minigolf is more popular in North America and Europe than anywhere else in the world, particularly in North America. The United States and Canada have more minigolf courses combined than the rest of the world has as a whole, claims one report. There are hundreds of minigolf courses in Canada and they are still in operation and still popular for golfers and for families. The popularity of golfing in Canada is not soon going away, nor are the minigolf courses.

There are also many minigolf courses that open and quickly fail as well, but it is not necessarily due to unpopularity as it may be due to poor management or bad business decisions. Minigolf courses are much less expensive to build than an 18 hole course or even a traditional 9 hole course, and they are much less expensive to operate. But some owners’ failure to keep the cost of playing minigolf down and failure to keep up with the maintenance on the courses have caused their demise. Everyone loves minigolf, whether or not they are a golfer, so there can be no other reason for the failure of a great minigolf location.

A minigolf course is created by building several putting greens, which are covered by felt rather than grass, and then adding some interesting challenges. One of the most popular of these challenges is the windmill, which is seen on a great percentage of minigolf courses. You must putt the ball into a small doorway in the base of the windmill and then back out of another small doorway on the other side in order to get to the hole. Another challenge made famous in the movies is the clown’s head where the mouth opens and shuts and you must putt the ball into the mouth while it is open. The challenges that you will find at a minigolf course vary widely but are all very creative and fun to beat.

There are minigolf tournaments and even a World Minigolfsport Federation (WMF) that organizes championship minigolf opens around the world. The courses are 18 hole minigolf courses that are simply putting courses without the extravagant challenges like the windmills. The world record that has been recorded by the WMF is 18 strokes on 18 holes. However, no records have been recorded at the fun minigolf locations because these are not used for professional tournaments. Word has it that someone in Sweden has achieved a perfect score of 18 on one of these courses, but this is unofficial.
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