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Northern Pike Fishing in Canada

If you choose to go northern pike fishing in Canada, you'll need to gather your strength and bring some hardy fishing equipment. It's not just the size of the fish, although they are quite large, it's the fight in them that gives anglers a worthy challenge. Canadian northern pike fishing is not for the faint of heart. They battle all the way to the boat…never giving up. If you've never been pike fishing before, now is your chance to reel in this magnificent fish.

Biology and Habitat of Northern Pike

The Northern Pike is a large, predatory freshwater fish very similar to its cousin, the muskellunge. They can reach up to 22.5 – 27 kg (50 – 60 lbs.) with a nose to tail length of 150 cm (5 ft). This Canadian fish species is a dark skinned fish with light stripes or spots on the sides. This colour scheme allows them to hide around submerged logs or weed beds to wait for prey.

Like the muskie, Northern Pike lay in wait and lunge at their prey either swallowing it whole or grasping it in its razor like teeth. Their diet is made up of smaller fish, frogs, crayfish, rodents, and other pike. There have been many instances where anglers have been pickerel fishing only to have a pike try to take it away. They are aggressive predators, which makes pike fishing so much fun.

Pike like to hang out under cover in weed beds, submerged trees, and around beaver dams. They strike their prey from the side or from behind. They can quickly accelerate to strike their prey and return quickly to its hiding spot. This quick, violent strike is what makes Canadian northern pike fishing so popular. They won't come into the boat willingly, that's for sure.

In March and early April, pike move into shallow waters to spawn. This is an ideal situation for pike fishing from shore. Because they share the same habitat with muskie, a hybrid fish called Tiger Muskellunge is sometimes bred. This is a sterile cross species between a pike and muskie.

Northern Pike Fishing Tips

  • Northern pike fishing in Canada can be done year round. To be able to do battle with these ferocious fish you'll need to learn their habitat as the seasons change. In the spring, they are close to shore spawning in weed beds. As the weather warms up during summer they head for deeper waters. During autumn, pike move back into shallow water to feed before winter.
  • Pike like movement, so keep your bait active. Trolling the shallows in the spring and fall is an effective tactic. Casting and jigging around weed beds and sunken logs are favourite pike fishing tips. During the summer months, Canadian northern pike fishing is done in deeper waters. Jigging near the bottom is a preferred strategy when you locate pike.
  • Pike have razor sharp teeth so be careful when removing the hook. Needlenose pliers are the perfect tool for removing hooks while keeping your fingers intact. Grab the lower jaw and the mouth will automatically open to allow for easy removal.
Canadian Northern Pike Fishing Destinations

Canada Outfitters in Kenora, Ontario offer Canadian fly-in fishing trips to one of their remote outpost cabins deep in the northwestern Ontario wilderness. In addition to northern pike fishing in Canada, you’ll also be able to go:

Canada Outfitters employs "best practices" in conservation to ensure the fishing in their areas are top notch. Two or three bedroom cabins are available with most of the comforts of home. You'll be fishing from 16-foot Lund boats with raised swivel seats to make it easier to land that trophy northern.

Silsby Lake Lodge is deep in the northern Canadian wilderness where the pike are large. The lodge is locate 450 miles north of Winnipeg, Manitoba and offers catch and release northern pike fishing in Canada. Silsby Lake and High Hill Lakes offer a perfect environment for pike fishing with an ideal habitat, plentiful cover, catch and release, and low pressure from too many fishermen.

At Silsby Lake Lodge, you'll start your day with a hearty breakfast followed by a morning fishing trip. A shore lunch will give you the opportunity to stretch out and get ready for afternoon pike fishing. The evening is your choice whether to relax at the lodge or get in some evening fishing.

Canadian northern pike fishing destinations are available across the nation east of the Rockies. If you want to take on the big pike, the remote lakes of northern Canada are your best bet. Northern pike fishing in Canada is truly a test of wills between man and nature.
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