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Snowboarding in Canada

Understandably, fans of traditional skiing may be a little off-put when approaching the design of the snowboard; instead of the dual-ski and pole setup designed for quick and efficient movement over icy landscapes, the snowboard features a single plank with which to maneuver. Though it may seem a crazy invention to some, the snowboard has taken North American winter athletes and enthusiasts by storm, spawning several equipment and gear industries and inspiring a wealth of annual events and competitions. Youngsters love the sport for its similarity to skateboarding, while others simply appreciate the unique challenge presented by the board's design. But no matter their motive, snowboarding enthusiasts have proved Canadian Snowboarding is the new "it" sport, and their vigor and creativity promises it will be a beloved pastime for many years to come.

Snowboarding was developed in the United States as a fun toy for children, but was quickly picked up north of the border by Canadians with a keen understanding of the board's potential to become a challenging and competitive sport. In the late twentieth century, the emergence of snowboarding among youths and adventurous souls became increasingly apparent, and Canadian snowboarding resorts began to pop up among the more traditional ski lodges. In the last two or three decades, regional, national, and international competitions have infused Canada's winter sport community with a special attraction and edge, encouraging athletes to participate in one of the most exciting and thrilling activities to ever hit the slopes. Snowboarding in Canada today comprises a significant portion of winter sport activity, and draws many enthusiasts from the United States and around the world each season, making it a key component of the national tourism industry. From basic techniques to radical new maneuvering inventions and even fun twists like Heli-snowboarding, or riding a helicopter to the top of the slopes, snowboarding in Canada seems to know no bounds beyond the powder and the plank. Snowboarding resorts in Canada are a natural extension of the ski resort, and can be found throughout the country. Canada is unparalleled for variety and quality of snowboarding venues, including Whistler Blackcomb in British Columbia, and the Canada Olympic Park in Alberta. However, most modern ski resorts in every province from British Columbia to Newfoundland are equipped with special runs and facilities for snowboarders.

Some of the most picturesque and popular resorts for snowboarding in Canada are situated in the Canadian Rockies, which stretch from Alberta up to British Columbia and comprise a truly magnificent venue for winter sports. The mountain chain features an exciting variety of resorts and clubs, and also a popular spot for going one's own way and trying out winter sports in the un-groomed wilderness (though backcountry snowboarding is not for the beginner nor the faint of heart).

Most venues for snowboarding vacations in Canada offer visitors a variety of trails and special courses for all skill levels; beginners, intermediate snowboarders, and outright experts can all practice and explore with suitable equipment and environments specially designed for their safety and sense of fun. Snowboarding lessons in Canada are a good choice for beginners who've never been on the snow or who find themselves making a tough transition from traditional skiing techniques. Lessons will also typically include valuable safety demonstrations, which are vital for navigating crowded slopes and new gear. Canadian snowboarding is particularly well-suited to groups of family and friends, and snowboarding holidays in Canada are one of the nation's most popular ways to celebrate and relax with loved ones all while surrounded by the beauty and splendor of the great outdoors. Snowboarding packages often include group rates or season passes to accommodate avid enthusiasts and their friends. Snowboard rentals in Canada tend to be easily accessible and accompanied by expert staff who can help match you with the ideal board and gear-set up for your individual preferences and skill level.

In addition to helpful sales staff and suitable equipment and runs, Canadian snowboarding participants can expect to find a team of excellent instructors at most snowboarding resorts, eager to help newcomers fully experience the thrill and excitement of the sport. Many resorts operate a "snowboarding school," complete with a series of instructors, beginner's runs, and fun activities to ensure that learning boarders start off on the right foot.

Skiing in Canada, especially alpine skiing in Canada, has been a celebrated sport and traditional pastime for over a century, yet it is snowboarding that proves the most exciting and popular craze to hit winter activities in Canada yet. Find out what the buzz is all about and set yourself to gear up and go at one of the country's many snowboarding resorts.
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