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Spring Activities in Canada

There's nothing quite like springtime in Canada. The long cold winter has broken and the ice begins to melt. Canadians wander out from the winter hiding places to celebrate the warmer weather and to begin planning Canadian spring activities. It's time to open the cottage for the summer, polish up the golf clubs, and enjoy the scenery as flora and fauna awake from their winter sleep. Winter activities in Canada are soon forgotten as they embark on a new season of fun in the sun.

Favourite Canadian Spring Activities

Bird Watching in Canada

The mass migrations of various species of birds descend on Canada in the spring. Canada geese begin to ready themselves for their summer offspring and fight for territory during the spring months. All types of waterfowl make their way north to set up summer nesting grounds. A trip to Point Pelee and other bird habitats are favourite spring activities in Canada for bird lovers.

On the Water Activities in Canada

With the thousands of lakes and rivers throughout the country, avid anglers store their Canadian ice fishing gear and head out to participate in their favourite spring activities in Canada. The salmon are spawning and the season opens in springtime for various fish species in Canada. Canadian fishing charters begin to ready their vessels, fly-in fishing destinations prepare their lodges, and millions of people get ready for a summer of boating in Canada.

Canadian fly fishing for salmon and trout begins in spring as the annual spawn takes place. Walleye fishing in Canada opens around the third week of May and extends through the summer. Other Canadian spring activities involving fishing include: Usually regarded as summer activities in Canada, many people unfurl their sails and enjoy some Canadian sailing before the crowds arrive. Yachting in Canada begins as they ready their vessels and shake off the winter rust. Others put on their wetsuits and head to their favourite surfing destinations or enjoy windsurfing in Canada. As the winter snow melts and feeds the mighty rivers it creates the ideal conditions for whitewater rafting in Canada.

Cottage Rentals in Canada

If you want to avoid the crowds and enjoy a peaceful holiday, savvy vacationers rent their vacation homes in the springtime. The fish are biting, the lakes are wide open, and although the water hasn't warmed up yet, the beaches in Canada are free of crowds. Because the waters are free of traffic, renting a houseboat is an ideal way to experience "spring come to life" and is a popular Canadian spring activity.

Watch the Wildlife

Spring activities in Canada include watching the land and marine wildlife as they venture out from their winter hideaways. Enjoy whale watching in Canada as orcas make their way north to feast on migrating salmon. Speaking of salmon, you can take a vacation bear watching in Canada as they make their way to the streams and rivers to fill themselves after their winter hibernation.

On the Ground

For those who didn't have the opportunity to travel south for the winter, getting ready for golfing in Canada is their favourite Canadian spring activity. Polishing their clubs with tenderness, heading to their local golf supply store to try out the latest equipment, and teeing off at their local Canadian driving ranges are some of the ways they prepare for the coming season. Popular family activities in Canada include a trip to the local Canadian miniature golf course to brush up on their putting skills.

Spring activities in Canada include getting their bicycles in tip top shape for their Canadian cycling excursions. It's usually a little early for mountain biking in Canada as the run-off from winter makes conditions a little soggy. That doesn't stop some individuals who enjoy these conditions. In late spring, many hit the hiking trails and get back to nature by backpacking in Canada. Canadian horseback riding is an ideal way to hit the trails when conditions are still a little wet.

Springtime is a great time to hit the open road by RVing in Canada. The trees are blossoming, the wildlife are teaching their newborns the ways of the world, and the people are few. There are sightseeing tours built around botanical gardens where you can observe the flora awakening in an array of colours. Late spring is when berry picking in Canada begins as the first strawberries make an entrance.

In the Air

Canadian spring activities from the air give you a different perspective on the true beauty of springtime. With the plants and trees bringing new life to the landscape, flying in Canada provides a bird's eye view of this wondrous awakening. If flying in a plane seems a little boring, maybe jumping out of one will get your juices flowing as you enjoy the thrill of skydiving in Canada. Hot air ballooning is an ideal aerial activity if a slower pace is what you desire.
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