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Summer Activities in Canada

Canadians cherish their summers. There are three to four months to participate in the many summer activities in Canada and residents as well as tourists make the most of this time of year. While many individuals enjoy Canadian winter activities and spring activities in Canada provide a warm up to summer...its Canadian summer activities that everyone looks forward to. Whether you like to participate in water activities in Canada or enjoy Canadian family activities from land, there are a multitude of adventures to enjoy.

Canadian Summer Activities

For the Thrill-seeker

So you want to get your heart pumping and challenge your fears. I don't believe that there is a better self-development strategy than to overcome your fears and test your limits. Canadian summer activities that challenge you include: You can go bungee jumping in Canada from one of many locations throughout the country. Thousands of years ago, retreating glaciers gouged out deep gorges that are ideal for bungee jumping and is a favourite summer activity in Canada.

If you're a seasoned pilot then you'll love the beauty of the Canadian landscape as you fly over the many natural wonders this country has to offer. If you're new to flying, you can take flight school training at a certified flight school. While many individuals state that they would never jump out of a perfectly good plane, others believe that there is nothing better than skydiving in Canada. And for a laid-back approach to Canadian summer activities, drift along the air currents while hot air ballooning and enjoy a panoramic view of the landscape.

White water rafting and Canadian kayaking will have you navigating powerful rivers in some of the most beautiful locations on earth. Deep, river-carved gorges that are teeming with wildlife...spectacular scenery...and man or women against nature, that's what memories are made of. Explore the underwater sights while scuba diving in Canada. The Pacific Ocean in the west and the Atlantic Ocean in the east offer a wide variety of marine life and the Great Lakes are an ideal location for wreck diving.

Surfing destinations include the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans as well as the inland seas known as the Great Lakes. Windsurfing lessons are available at most surfing locations and is a popular summer activity in Canada.

If living by your wits in the backcountry gets your juices flowing then may I suggest survival camping in the Canadian wilderness? The northern regions of Eastern Canada have many wilderness campsites and the mountain ranges in the west offer a different twist. Learning to survive while mountaineering in Canada is a challenge in itself and mountain climbing schools are good idea to get you started. While you're in the mountains you may want to give Canadian mountain biking a try.

For the Hunter and Fisherman

While normally considered fall activities in Canada, Canadian hunting begins in late summer. Canadian hunting camps are getting ready for their new arrivals with visions of trophy game animals in their sights and Canadian hunting associations are analyzing new regulations. Typical hunting expeditions include: From coast to coast, fishing in Canada is one of the most popular of Canadian summer activities. Fathers teach their children how to fish as they were taught by their fathers. Many hire Canadian fishing charters while others take to the air and head to fly-in fishing camps to attempt to land the big one...then take their trophy to the taxidermy to have it mounted. Popular fish species in Canada include: For Nature Lovers

Canada is a nature lover's paradise. Hundreds of thousands of crystal clear lakes and rivers...soaring mountains…lush valleys...and an abundance of wildlife make Canada the ideal location to experience nature. For the Water Enthusiast

If water activities are your thing, then you won’t be disappointed when you visit Canada. You can enjoy the oceans of the east and west coasts or enjoy whatever body of water that is closest...and in Canada, a body of water is always close. Typical summer activities in Canada on the water include: For the Summer Camper

Canadian summer activities have to include camping for many families. It allows them the opportunity to reconnect and enjoy typical summer activities in Canada. Canadian camping can be done in a traditional manner in a tent or trailer at one of the thousands of Canadian campgrounds dotting the country. Others enjoy vacation homes in cottage country to get some rest and relaxation. If want to be close to an amusement park to entertain the kids, then enjoy some family camping in Canada.

If you don't want to settle in one place for your holiday, then RVing in Canada may be an ideal solution. You'll get to experience spectacular scenery and meet friendly residents when you hit the open road in Canada. Want to send your kids to summer camps to meet new friends and learn new skills? Canada has a multitude of camps where youths can enjoy the wide variety of Canadian summer activities.

For the Active Type

Canada has some of the finest golf courses in the world. The season may be short in comparison to southern regions; however, Canadians take golfing seriously. Backpacking, hiking, and cycling trails are available throughout the country. Typical active summer activities in Canada include:
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