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Water Activities in Canada

There is only a small window of opportunity to enjoy water activities in Canada. It seems a little unfair for a country to have the largest amount of freshwater in the world and only be able to enjoy it for three or four months. Residents love their Canadian water activities and take full advantage of the summer season.

Canadian Water Activities


Canadian boating begins in spring as enthusiasts ready their vessels for summer activities in Canada. Getting the boat ready goes right along with opening the cottage as a rite of summer. Houseboat rentals provide you with a pleasurable cruise through scenic waterways in a cottage that floats. The Trent waterway and Rideau waterway wind their way through cottage country and are ideal for houseboating in Canada. Sicamous, British Columbia is designated as the "Houseboat Capital of Canada" in many circles.

Canadian sailing and yachting in Canada are popular along the Atlantic and Pacific coast as well as the inland seas known as the Great Lakes. Sailing or yachting around Howe Sound off British Columbia allows you to experience crystal clear waters, lush wilderness, and towering mountains. Another scenic Canadian water activity is sailing around the Thousand Islands, the St. Lawrence River, and out to the Northumberland Strait in the Maritimes.

White water rafting trips are an exhilarating vacation for the thrill seeker. There are many fast moving rivers throughout the country. Canadian canoeing and kayaking in Canada allow you to explore the natural wonders of inland lakes where few humans have ventured. The wildlife in these areas is a spectacular sight and they are as curious about you as you are about them. Boat outings are popular family activities in Canada including waterskiing, wakeboarding, tubing, and fishing.


Fishing in Canada is a great way to spend the day or make a vacation of it. You can experience Canadian salmon fishing by hiring fishing charters in Canada. If you really want to get away from it all, fly-in fishing destinations in the northern regions of Canada await. In many cases you'll be the only ones on the lake so bring your supplies. There is monster Northern Pike patrolling these waters. Many anglers have mistaken a pike strike for snagging an underwater log...they are that strong.

The Campbell River in British Columbia and the Miramichi River in New Brunswick are world-renowned for fly fishing in Canada. The rivers are teeming with various species of salmon and are ideal for trout fishing in Canada. Canadian bass fishing is available for the true sportsman. These fighting fish are a challenge for the savviest angler. Other Canadian fish species include pickerel fishing, northern pike, and sturgeon in addition to many others. Spear fishing and bowfishing are strictly regulated so be sure to check local regulations.

At the Campsite or Cottage

Spring activities in Canada include getting boats ready and renting vacation homes along the waterfront. It's a summer tradition that doesn't get old. Children and adults alike spend activity filled days and nights enjoying water activities in Canada. Canadian jet skiing, water skiing, and wakeboarding are some of the Canadian water activities to be enjoyed at the cottage.

Summer camps for youth and children are an ideal place to send the kids for fun water activities in Canada. Most Canadian campgrounds are located on the water and contain some of the best beaches.

Water Sports

Many Canadian water activities are enjoyed on the water. But in the summer water enthusiasts spend most of their time in the water enjoying water sports. In addition to swimming in Canada you can participate in scuba diving lessons, attend surf camps, or ride the waves while Canadian windsurfing. You can scuba dive to the wrecks of the Great Lakes or enjoy the underwater scenery of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Surfing and windsurfing are popular water sports in British Columbia where the year round temperatures are milder. The locals at Tofino Beach surf all year by donning a wetsuit in the colder temperatures. The waves of the Great Lakes can kick up the surf and are popular with inland residents.

Sightseeing Tours on the Water

Traveling by water gives you the opportunity to see sights most folks don't get to see. You can board a cruise off the coast of British Columbia and experience whale watching in Canada. The same can be said for the East Coast where you can watch the marine life while aboard a polar bear cruise. Just cruising through cottage country and taking in the multimillion dollar homes is a relaxing holiday.

There are hundreds of thousands of lakes and rivers dotting the landscape where Canadian water activities can be enjoyed. From the coast of British Columbia where orca pods roam to polar bear cruises off the coast of Labrador there are plenty of water activities in Canada to enjoy.
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