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Wilderness Camping in Canada

Canada is one of the largest countries on earth. Stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific coast, it provides large tracts of sparsely populated areas that are an ideal setting for wilderness camping in Canada. Every province and territory offers you fresh challenges to overcome.

Canadian wilderness camping is not for the faint-of-heart. You'll have to possess survival training techniques and "loads" of stamina to make your trip an enjoyable one. The forests are deep and untamed...the wildlife is plentiful and "wild"...the rivers are fast...and the lakes run deep...there's nothing like it.

History of Canadian Wilderness Camping

Wilderness camping in Canada began with the natives as they lived off the land. They trapped, hunted, and fished for their food and made use of "animal skins" for clothing and shelter. Many "hardcore" wilderness campers try to capture the experience of "living by your wits" when they set forth on a backcountry adventure.

When the Europeans arrived, the native people "schooled" them in the ways of wilderness camping in Canada. The Europeans saw profit in this land of abundance and soon set out to establish trading posts from coast-to-coast. Today, some of those trails and campsites are still used for those wanting to experience Canadian wilderness camping.

While many people like the comfort of RVing in Canada and others enjoy the modern amenities of urban camping, there are still those hardy souls looking for adventure. They want to test their limits...survive by their instincts...and experience living off the land in its purest form. This is what wilderness camping in Canada is all about!

Popularity of Wilderness Camping

Wilderness camping in Canada is gaining in popularity as individuals are looking for new ways to challenge themselves. The popularity of hiking and backpacking in Canada led people to adopt wilderness camping as an alternative to hostels and modern campgroundsā€¦ they could explore deeper into the "wilds" and experience nature where humans may have never ventured.

Canadian wilderness camping has also been combined with other outdoor adventure activities such as: Wilderness Camping Supplies

As I mentioned earlier, wilderness camping in Canada is not for the faint-of-heart. It requires stamina and the ability to think on your feet. You need to know what plants and animals are safe to to trap or to start and extinguish a "contained" fire...and how to keep yourself safe from the wildlife. If you're into even more extreme conditions and think you're up for it, try winter camping in Canada.
  • The most important piece of wilderness camping supplies is right between your ears. You need to be calm in all situations. Many things can happen in the wild and keeping a level head will allow you to assess your situation and make rational choices.
  • Sleeping bag, sleeping pad, tent, and backpack
  • Rain gear and quality hiking boots
  • Canned food, trail mix, energy bars, and water will help fuel your body when hiking. Don't forget a can opener.
  • Waterproof matches or weatherproof lighter
  • Toilet paper
  • First aid kit
  • Bug spray and sunscreen
  • Fishing and hunting gear
  • Knife
  • Satellite phone for deep wilderness
  • Compass or GPS map of the area
  • Rope for hanging food from the trees and any other uses
  • Bring layers of clothing as the weather can be unpredictable
This is by no means an all-inclusive list for wilderness camping supplies. Find a reputable camping outfitter to advise you on a complete list of wilderness camping supplies. If you have a destination in mind for a Canadian wilderness camping trip, an outfitter in that area will be able to help you with any regional issues.

Popular Locations
  • Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada offers wilderness camping in the Rocky Mountains. Enjoy some of the most spectacular scenery as you gaze out over the Rockies. There are 9 wilderness campsites in Waterton Lakes.
  • Algonquin Park in Ontario offers hiking and canoeing trips with wilderness camping. There are miles of rivers and lakes to navigate.
  • Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park in the Canadian Rockies is a popular spot for wilderness camping in Canada. There are a number of routes to the summit. Access to Mount Assiniboine Lodge is by helicopter, hiking, or cross-country skiing.
  • Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland & Labrador has been declared an UNESCO heritage site due to its geological wonders and spectacular scenery. Camp in artic-alpine wilderness campsites with woodland caribou and artic hare while discovering the 4,500 year history of man on these shores.
Wilderness camping in Canada offers the ability to test your character in extreme situations. There are wilderness campsites in every province and territory. From the mountain wilds of the Rockies to the plateau of the Canadian Shield there are amazing adventures awaiting you. Canadian wilderness camping even reaches into the Artic region for those that are into more extreme conditions.
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