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Yachting in Canada

Yachting has been a part of Canadian history since the early 1800s, probably since the yacht went from being an all purpose transportation module to a sporting past time for the adventurous. The sport of Canadian yachting took off with the formation of the Royal Hamilton Yacht club in the year 1888. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, it offered yachting fans a well preserved, natural and sometimes dangerous environment for yachters. It was first located at the foot of James Street North and then relocated to the foot of Bay Street. The RHYC has done a great deal to promote Canadian Yachting.

Popularity of yachting in Canada

Yacht racing is one of the most popular yachting events, usually held in two categories i.e.: motor yacht and sailing yacht. The popularity of Yachting has closely been followed by Boating and Racing in Canada. Studies have shown that the popularity of Canadian yacht has grown more that 75 percent over the last 50 years.

Canadian Yacht Clubs

Canada has one of the oldest yacht clubs in North America. Yacht clubs were initially formed in the mid 1800’s and probably this is from where the trend actually kicked off. However it was not until the mid 1900s that the sport of yachting became popular, the biggest reason was the membership fee along with the price of buying a yacht which put it far away from the reach of most people.

Royal Canadian Yacht Club

Founded in 1852 and initially called the Toronto Boat Club, it was a recreational club it was also commissioned as an unofficial auxiliary of the Royal Navy around Lake Ontario. The petition to call itself royal was presented in 1854. It later became Royal Canadian Yacht club since it was the first Canadian yacht club to apply for the honor of being called royal. Later it also received the permission to use the Blue Ensign in its logo. Then later in 1881, it relocated to the Toronto Islands after its successful completion of a ten acre club house. Today the Royal Canadian Yacht club is known as the Canada’s premiere social and sailing clubs.

Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron (RNSYS)

Known as the oldest Yacht club in Canada, it was formed on July 1837; its first clubhouse was built in the 1860s and was originally called the Royal Halifax Yacht Club. The Royal Halifax Yacht Club is the finish line for the biennial race that begins in Marblehead, Massachusetts. The RNYSYS offers various instructional programs aimed at newcomers of all ages.

Yacht Sailing vs. Motor Yachts

As mentioned above there are two categories of yachts. The first and oldest form of yachting is yacht sailing, which gives you the opportunity to cruse along using just the wind and your sail. On the other hand the latest yachts use a motor which is why they are called motor yachts. Motor yachts tend to be faster and heavier. They don’t require the wind in order to move across the water. Motor yachts tend to be much more expensive than the old fashioned Sail yachts. However motor yachts are increasingly being used for yacht races, and are also fast becoming part of Luxury yacht. Most motor yachts Cruising function that enables yachters to cruise at a certain speed, while you enjoy your trip.

The most famous Canadian provinces for yachting

Canada is filled with places to yacht, Canada is a yachters dream. Finding a good place to yacht in Canada is not difficult, however if you are looking for the best places, then this list should help you out.

Nova Scotia

If you are looking for a romantic cruise or just some peace and quiet, Nova Scotia is the idea place for yachting. Its natural surroundings and beautiful wildlife you will never want to go back home. Incidentally Nova Scotia is also home to the famous Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron.


Also known and Canadian yachting’s prime location, Ontario has both great natural beauty as well as yacht clubs. Ontario is also home to the famous Royal Canadian yacht club.


We also recommend that you visit Newfoundland. Each year Newfoundland attracts hundreds and thousands of yachters from around the globe. It is also home to the royal Newfoundland yacht club.

Luxury yacht

A luxury yacht is usually a privately owned yacht that is overly expensive and sophiscated, which is why they are usually crewed by professionals. Also known as a super Yacht these highly expensive yachts range from either being a sailing yacht to a motor yacht. Yachts larger than 23 meters are termed as Luxury yachts.

The price of buying a yacht

Depending on the yacht you want to buy, a yacht can range from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars, usually depending on the size and type of the yacht. Expensive yachts can range in a few hundred million dollar ranges. The least expensive of these big yachts is a 157 footer that is being sold for $24 million.

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