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Youth Camping in Canada

Youth camping in Canada offers your child the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people, and develop leadership strategies that will last a lifetime. Take your time and do your homework when choosing between summer camps. You want your child to be well-supervised, learn new skills, and most of all have fun!

History of Canadian Youth Camps

Summer camps in Canada have been held annually for over 100 years. The YMCA held its first summer camp in the 1890's. This inaugural event was soon followed by Canadian Scouts and Girl Guides sponsoring Canadian youth camps.

It was believed that children and teens that went to summer camps would develop leadership and teamwork skills as well as become healthier through physical activity. The physical activities consisted of hiking, canoeing, swimming, and various sports and games. Considering the low activity levels of many of today's children and the high level of obesity it may be wise to send more kids to summer camps.

As the popularity of youth camping in Canada grew, the number of summer camps rose dramatically. A consensus from the 1980's calculated the number of Canadian youth camps at over 1,500. Summer camps for disabled children or those with illnesses were established to improve the quality of their lives. The Canadian Camping Association (CCA) was established to provide training, camping standards, and to promote youth camping in Canada.

Popular Summer Camps in Canada

Camp Caroline is located in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. It offers one week stays for those aged 9 to 18 and 3-day camps for younger children. Summer camp activities include: Dave Murray Whistler Summer Ski and Snowboard Camp is a co-ed summer camp that offers coaching in: Whistler Mountain is known for its year-round snowboarding and skiing in Canada. Summer camps include bungee jumping, paintball, and wakeboarding. For additional fun and entertainment, Whistler has a world-class skateboard and BMX park...cross-country skiing courses and driving range...mountain biking in Canada...and white-water rafting.

Outward Bound Canada offers year-round adventures for outdoor enthusiasts. This Canadian youth camp's mission statement is...Ignite the Human Spirit...Invite Self-Discovery...Inspire Human Potential. They offer a wide range of Canadian outdoor activities to inspire your child: Outward Bound Canada bases its programs on learning through experience with compassion and responsibility to teammates and the environment. Over 500,000 students have been through their program since 1962.

Frontier Trails Camp is a residential coed summer camp in Eganville, Ontario. With a 1:4 staff to camper ratio you can be sure that your child is well supervised. Located on the scenic Bonnechere River your child can enjoy canoeing, kayaking, rafting, and swimming. Frontier Trails has 100 acres of land and many nature trails for that wilderness experience.

Camp Wilvaken in Magog, Quebec is a bilingual coed summer camp located on Lake Lovering. One of the few bilingual Canadian youth camps, it teaches children aged 9 to 15 how to speak French or English. Of course, it is still a traditional summer camp with activities such as: Nova Scotia Sea School is a wilderness adventure camp in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Your child will discover life on the Atlantic coast. Learn how Nova Scotians have lived by the sea for generations. Activities include:
  • Sailing
  • Navigation
  • Constellation reading
  • Explore the coast and uninhabited islands
Choosing between Canadian Youth Camps

How do you decide on one of the many Canadian summer camps available for your child? The best way to ensure that your child's camping trip is an enjoyable one is to choose a summer camp that has activities they enjoy. They'll have more fun and meet new people who share similar interests. Lifelong friendships can occur at Canadian youth camps.

Types of youth camping in Canada are:
  • Outdoor adventure camps
  • Religion themed camps
  • Ski camps
  • Camps for disabled children
  • Sports-based camps such as baseball, golf, and basketball
Things to Ask the Summer Camp Director:
  • What is the staff to camper ratio?
  • What are your past accident statistics?
  • What will you be feeding my child?
  • Do you have Medical and Emergency services?
Youth camping in Canada allows your child to experience the great outdoors while meeting new friends and seeing new places. There are summer camps in Canada for most activities including physical activity and intellectual pursuits. Canadian youth camps offer wilderness activities, adventure camps, leadership skills, and many other life skills that will stay with them for a lifetime.
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